Month: January 2017

WORD: Temperature

TODAY'S WOD 27 JANUARY 2017 ENGLISH WORD: temperature (n) DEUTSCH: die Temperatur EXAMPLE: According to the weather forecast the temperature will drop drastically over the weekend.


TODAY'S IDIOM 27 JANUARY 2017 ENGLISH IDIOM: the lull before the storm EXAMPLE: My family is coming soon and this is just the lull before the storm.  GERMAN IDIOM: die Ruhe vor dem Sturm


TODAY'S IDIOM 26 JANUARY 2017 ENGLISH IDIOM: to be a fair-weather friend EXAMPLE: I thought I could count on Bill, but I’ve discovered he’s just a fair-weather friend. GERMAN IDIOM: ein Schönwetterfreund sein

Brexit outline

British PM Theresa May reveals an outline of her plans for Brexit An atmosphere of uncertainty and confusion spread throughout the UK, Europe and the world as a whole following the referendum which decided Britain‘s separation from the EU, as many questions were left without an answer for longer than half a year. However, in …

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