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At Leipzig English we offer Business English courses for Self-employed and Managers as well as Employees.

All of our Business English lessons and Trainings are tailored according to your requirements and goals, it does not matter whether you want to improve your English communication for daily work or for a specific Business situation such as a Trade fair, a Job interview, a Business trip or a presentation. It is easy, you tell us what you want and need and we make it happen. Our professional Team is made up of highly qualified native speakers who specialize in Business English solutions, and have the experience to create the most efficient and dynamic Business English courses possible.

Our Business Englisch Trainings in Leipzig are available in different forms including 1 to 1, Partner course, Group courses, Business Englisch Coaching oder Inhouse Corporate Trainings. At the beginning of every course we carry out an indepth needs analysis to ascertain your needs and targets, which is followed by a placement assessment of all participants. With this information, we are able to sit down with one of our English trainers and, together, plan and develop a dynamic course plan that will deliver the best results in the shortest time.

Business Englisch Privat Unterricht


This Business English option is perfect for those that need more flexibility and would like a course that focuses on their specific needs. You alone can decide when the course should begin, how often and when it takes place.

As well as those points, you alone can decide what the content of the course will focus on, as well as the speed of which we do things, remember this course is for you, only you!


With one of our Inhouse Corporate English Trainings for Companies as well as Private people is the lesson not only easier and more flexible for you, but it also offers our trainers the chance to create and deliver a dynamic Business English course. The English trainer is able to work with direct examples and situations within the workplace. For our Inhouse English Training, it does not matter if you live in or around Leipzig, we can send a trainer to your company, home or office all over Germany.

Inhouse Business Englisch Training Leipzig
Business Englisch Crashkurs


When you are in a hurry and need of quick resuts, then our intensive English Crash course is exactly the right solution for you. Learn alone in an Intensive 1 to 1 or together with others in a small group with a maximum of 6 participants, so that each participant has enough chance to take part and speak. With the use of roll-play and group discussions it will help you learn and improve your Business English actively.

An advantage of the Private Crash course is that you can decide exactly when and how often the lessons take place choosing from daytime, evenings or even weekends. It is also up to you how long the course will be, either a day, a week or longer.


When you want to prepare for a special situation in your working life that maybe you are lacking the necessary vocabulary, terminology and speaking practice, then come to Leipzig Englisch Language School, your expert for Business English. Whether you need to give a presentation, present your company at a trade fair, or have to take part in an important Business meeting with partners or customers, we will help you to create and prepare to ensure your language is correct, not only grammatically, but also with the right tone.

Business Englisch für bestimmte Zwecke


If you need to learn specific English for your industry or sector, then we have the best Business English option for you. We offer these tailor-made courses for most sectors including finance, property, engineering, medical, I.T., legal, Marketing, Sales, catering, travel & tourism plus many more our Sector Specific Business English Trainings concentrate strongly on the elements that you need to communicate better.


„I did a Business English 1 to 1 for the Automobile sector with Leipzig Englisch. And:

– my English has definitely improved

-the regular conversation has helped me with my confidence

-The mix between conversation, grammar and specific vocabulary has really helped me be effective at work!”



Diese neue Initiative richtet sich an Menschen, welche ein sehr beschäftigtes Leben führen und sich nicht an feste wöchentliche Unterrichtszeiten binden können.
„Englisch FlexiZeit“ ermöglicht es Ihnen je nach Bedarf und Möglichkeit den Unterricht von Montag bis Samstag in der Zeit von 07:30 – 22:00 zu buchen. Der Unterricht kann so oft (oder selten) wie gewünscht gebucht werden.

Häufig gestellten Fragen (FAQs)

Unser Business Englischtraining ist für jedes Level, vom Anfänger bis hin zum Experten und außerdem für Angestellte und Arbeitgeber und kleine, mittelständische und große Unternehmen.

Unsere Englischtrainer bei Leipzig Englisch verfügen sowohl über das Wissen als auch die nötige Qualifikation um Business Englisch zu unterrichten. Zudem haben Sie eine Menge praktischer Erfahrung in der Arbeitswelt und Kommunikation.

Wir arbeiten mit kleinen, mittelständischen und großen Firmen zusammen , lokal, national und international. Verschaffen Sie sich einen Überblick über all die Firmen die uns bereits Ihren Englischunterricht anvertrauen.

Die Frage lässt sich nicht so einfach beantworten, da jeder Klient anders lernt und andere Ziele und Anforderungen hat. Gerne beantworten wir Ihnen diese Frage nach einem ersten Beratungstermin.

Leipzig Englisch bietet eine kostenlose Probestunde für Klienten, die über einen Business Englischkurs nachdenken oder für Unternehmen, die Business Englischkurse für Ihre Mitarbeiter buchen möchten.

Wissen Sie, dass Sie sich Ihren Business Englischunterricht finanzieren lassen können?
Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten für Arbeitnehmer, Selbstständige und Unternehmen.
Rufen Sie uns an und buchen sie noch heute einen Business Englischkurs bei unserer Sprachschule in Leipzig.