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Chemical surgery might change our lives

Precise chemical surgery has been performed on embryos by a Chinese team at the Sun Yat-sen University to alter their DNA and remove diseases. They were able to alter a single error out of three billion features of our genetic code. They did this on lab-made embryos, which have not been implanted. This medical procedure my one day treat a series of inherited diseases or …

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Week in Review Sept 25th – 29th

Saudi Arabian women allowed to drive A decree was issued late on Tuesday by Saudi Arabia´s king allowing women to drive a car. This would end a longstanding ban on female drivers. The ban is supposed to be lifted in 10 months. A committee will be formed especially to look into how to implement the decree. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world …

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Week in Review 18.09. – 22.09.

Hurricane Maria follows in the footsteps of Irma Yet another hurricane has wreaked havoc in the Caribbean. The hurricane made landfall on Dominica late on Tuesday and then made its way to neighbouring Guadeloupe. The people on the French island have been warned to seek shelter and stay inside. Hurricane Maria roughly follows the path Irma took earlier this month. That means the hurricane is …

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Week in Review (11th – 15th Sept)

Rohingyas flee from Myanmar Rohingya Muslims are targeted as part of a security operation in Myanmar. UN human rights chief calls it a textbook example for ethnic cleansing. More than 300.000 people have fled to Bangladesh already. The military in Myanmar justifies the violence by calling it a reaction to attacks by Rohingya militants a few weeks ago. They also deny the allegation they would …

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Update on Hurricane Irma and Mexico

Hurricane Irma blasts up the west coast of Florida. More than 3.4 million homes are without power and parts of Miami are under water. Over 6.3 million people have been told to evacuate before the storm. The main airports were closed on Monday, making transportation almost impossible. Although the hurricane has been downgraded from category three to one but still the winds are strong and …

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Week in Review (28th Aug – 01st Sept)

North Korea fires missile over Japan North Korea fired a missile into Japan´s airspace on Tuesday, the prime minister of Japan called it an “unprecedented, serious threat”. It was not immediately clear what type of missile had been fired but by now it is confirmed that it was a ballistic missile. North Korea has never before used a ballistic missile, which is designed for military …

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