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This part of the blog will be all about the city Leipzig. We will share knowledge, experiences and even give top tips for events, eating out and even jobs

Potential breakthrough in science

Claims of a revolutionary achievement: hydrogen turned into a metal-like state ©Harvard University After 80 years in which scientists have been trying to transform hydrogen into metal, it is now believed that this goal has finally been met. Last week, researchers Ranga Dias and Isaac Silvera from Harvard University published the results of their experiments in the Science Magazine, claiming that they managed to make …

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Dystopian novels on the rise

Politics generates a new literary trend The radical changes which have been occurring on the world’s political scene in the last few months seem to have increased readers‘ appetite for dystopian novels. Alarmed by what seems to be a fall of democracy and by the uncertainty of a new world order, more and more people show an interest in classics such as George Orwell’s 1984 …

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RB Leipzig defeat Scottish champions

RB Leipzig defeat Glasgow Rangers 4-0 in friendly match Image: ©lvz.de The streets of Leipzig were filled with fans of the Scottish champions Glasgow Rangers on Sunday, the fifteenth of January, before the team’s friendly match against the local RB Leipzig. In spite of the cold and snowy weather, the 8,000 Scots attending the match marched from the city’s marketplace to the football stadium, doing their …

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