In this catergorie we and hopefully guests will write about their travel experiences around the world. Each post will also include local information, dos and donts of communication and culture and much more. Each post will also have a glossary to help with understanding and of course to learn new English vocabulary.


TODAY'S IDIOM 23 FEBRUARY 2017 ENGLISH IDIOM: to pull a few strings EXAMPLE: I had to pull a few strings to get this assignment. GERMAN IDIOM: die Beziehungen spielen lassen

Will – Future

"I'll be back in 30 minutes." The will - future is one way to express the future in English and is used to describe actions which are hoped for, expected or assumed or for descisions  that are made spontanously. Formation: subject + auxiliary "will"/"won't" + infinite verb Examples: They assume that she won't do her …

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Future Continuous

"We will be eating soon." The future continuous describes actions that take place in the future and is used to empathize a specific time when the action happens. It is often indicated by words like "after" (= nachdem) or "when" (= wenn). The future continuous, like other continuous tenses, doesn't exist in German. Formation: subject …

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