C as in Clara-Zetkin-Park

C as in Clara-Zetkin-Park

The Clara-Zatkin-Park is located on the edge of the Music district southwest of the city centre in Leipzig. It links the southern and northern part of the Auenwald.

In 1955 the areas Scheibenholzpark, König-Albert-Park, Palmengarten and Johannapark were combined to form the Clara-Zetkin-Park. Ground-breaking ceremony took place in January 1955 and just four month later the park was opened to the public. Between 1955 and 2011 the Clara-Park was the biggest park in Leipzig with 125 hectares.

The park included several cultural and sports areas. During the following years a playground, the chess centre, pavilions and restaurants were added to the park areas.

The New Town Hall viewed from Clara-Zetkin-Park

In 2011 the decision was made to rename the different areas and give them their original names back. Today only the Scheibenholzpark and König-Albert-Park remain under the name of Clara-Zetkin-Park. A bronze statue that was unveiled in 1967, on the occasion of the 110th birthday of Clara Zetkin, is now, technically, located in the Johannapark.

Today the Clara-Park is a popular area for open-air concerts and movie nights, as well as a place for inliners, minigolfers, slackliners, basketballers and skaters. An opulent picnic takes place in the Clara-Park as part of the WGT every year.

to be located (lə(ʊ)ˈkeɪt) –  sich befinden
edge (eʤ) – der Rand, die Kante
district (ˈdɪstrɪkt) – das Viertel, der Bezirk
to link (lɪŋk) –  etw verbinden
ground-breaking (graʊnd-breɪkɪŋ) – der erste Spatenstich, Anstich
several (ˈsevərəl) – einige, verschiedene
playground (pleɪgraʊnd) – der Spielplatz
chess (tʃes) –  Schach
to remain (rɪˈmeɪn) – verbleiben
to unveil (ʌnˈveɪl) – einweihen, enthüllen
on the occasion of (əˈkeɪʒən) – anlässlich
opulent (ˈɒpjəlent) – reich, üppig, aufwändig

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