Davos World Economic Forum

Global business actors and world leaders gather at the World Economic Forum in Davos

Image: ©PTI


From the seventeenth to the twentieth of January, the town of Davos in the Swiss Alps hosted the 2017 World Economic Forum. This edition of the annual conference focused on the theme “Responsive and Responsible Leadership“ in the context of the rising populism which is expected to have a significant impact on globalisation. There were discussions on four key points: “strengthening global collaboration, revitalising economic growth, reforming capitalism and preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – a huge leap powered by the digital age, which is transforming the way we live and work.“

This year, 3,000 participants attended the forum, more than ever before. The list included governmental representatives from over 700 states, CEOs and heads of NGOs. Among the state leaders present, Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed his support of globalisation as the foundation of global trade and warned against the possible emergence of trade wars, while British Prime Minister Theresa May emphasized the negative way in which some people see a growing globalisation. A number of scientists and cultural leaders also took part in the meetings, making this the most diverse edition of the World Economic Forum yet, according to the organisers.

The Davos World Economic Forum was founded in 1971 and has been addressing global economic issues and facilitating dialogue and cooperation between business actors worldwide ever since.


English – German glossary

to gather = sich versammeln

to host = veranstalten

annual = jährlich

to focus on sth = den Schwerpunkt auf etw legen

responsive = ansprechbar

responsible = verantwortungsbewusst

leadership = Führung, Leitung

in the context of = im Rahmen

rising = steigend

to expect = erwarten

significant = erheblich

to have an impact on sth = sich auf etw auswirken

key points = Schwerpunkte

to strengthen = verstärken

collaboration = Zusammenarbeit

to revitalise = wiederbeleben

economic growth = Wirschaftswachstum

leap = Sprung

powered by sth = von etw angetrieben

age = (hier) Zeitalter

more than ever before = mehr als je zuvor

governmental = staatlich

representatives = Vertreter

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) = Geschäftsführer

NGO (Non-Government Organisation) = Nichtregierungsorganisation

diverse = vielfältig

foundation = Grundlage

global trade = Welthandel

to warn against sth = vor etw warnen

emergence = Entstehung

to address = behandeln

issues = Themen

to facilitate = fördern, ermöglichen

ever since = seitdem