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Two day English workshops in Leipzig

At Leipzig English we have an dynamic and effective option: our two-day workshops. These will take place over the weekend, lessons will be held on Friday and Saturday and will be very intensive. This method will help you to learn much more in a much shorter time.
We have put together a selection of workshops for you that include:

English Workshop for Small talk in Leipzig


simply speak English

Business English Workshops at Leipzig Englisch


effective business communication


Small talk, travel AND business

Leipzig Englisch Grammar workshop


the fundamentals of English

Profession Specific Workshop

In addition, our Business English Workshops will enable participants to communicate better in their respective occupational fields or sectors, such as:

Human Resources English Leipzig

English for human resources

English course for Hairdressers Leipzig

English for hairdressers

Medical English workshops Leipzig

English for medicine(Dentists, Pharmaceutical Industry)

IT English Workshop Leipzig

English for the IT industry

Logistics English Workshop Leipzig

English for logistics

English Workshops for Insurance workers Leipzig

English for insurance

English Intercultural Workshops at Leipzig Englisch


We know that it does not always depend on what we say but also how we say, especially when working with people from other cultures. Of course, a multicultural environment is nothing new to many companies, but it does pose some challenges. I effectively prepare you for difficult situations using six communication scales that apply to most cultures in the world. This includes giving direct or indirect feedback, expressing approval or disapproval, or inviting a business partner to speak during a meeting.

professional english training for job hunters

Nowadays, English is being used more and more for business and many companies expect that their employees have a good understanding of the English language and can use it effectively. To test this on the applicants, the English language is often used during the application process for new positions. To prepare you for this challenge, we have developed a two-day workshop. We will prepare you for the following during the workshop:

  • Carry out a job search using the English language
  • Translate and prepare your modern and dynamic English CV
  • Write a cover letter of application
  • Practice important questions for a job interview
  • Strengthen your self-confidence!

Did you know that you can get funding for your English workshop? There are a variety of opportunities for employees, the self-employed and companies. We will be more than happy to give you more information.

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