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Englisch Sprachkurse Leipzig

At Leipzig English, we have a clear mission in mind:

To provide our clients with English language training simply, professionally and thus guarantee an effective and successful result.

At Leipzig English, we not only offer excellent business English courses, but also English courses to prepare you for your next trip, vacation or general small talk. All of our English courses focus on the very vocabulary and grammar needed to fulfill your goals – nothing more, nothing less.

Business English Training Leipzig


Leipzig English has more than 10 years experience in creating bespoke Business English courses and solutions for the self-employed, small, medium and large companies in all industries. We not only offer business English courses for people with advanced language skills, but also for those that at a beginners and intermediate level.


Small Talk English Training Leipzig


This ‘Small-Talk’ general English Course is an excellent opportunity to broaden your English conversational skills. Classes can take place as either private lessons or in guaranteed small groups, allowing each participant to really participate in the conversation. The English Trainers will help you increase your conversational readiness by correcting mistakes and giving guidance and encouragement.


Holiday English Training in Leipzig


Whether you are traveling to an English-speaking country or not, English is the key and central language in the world. AtLeipzig English, we offer English courses for travel and holidays that prepare you for a variety of situations, so that you can communicate effectively enjoy your holiday.


We offer a wide spectrum of English course forms, such as Private lessons, group courses, company courses, workshops and intensive courses:

70% of our clients choose one-to-one English lessons at our language school or for their regular in-house English course. 70% of our clients choose one-to-one lessons at our language school or a regular in-house course. That’s because these are the most effective and flexible ways to learn English or any other language. The keyword here is flexibility, you can choose anything to suit your needs. This includes the content, the location, the frequency and of course when your appointments take place, be it early in the morning, during the day, in the evening or at the weekend. Another plus is the speed of teaching English, which means we can spend as much or as little time on a subject as you need. If you are interested in tailor-made English training, please click here and read more about our private English courses at Leipzig English.

English Group courses are the cheaper option, but nevertheless, they are still effective and fun. Make use of our small groups, either Mini (2-4 participants) or Midi (6 participants). The small size guarantees that you will get many opportunities to speak and actively participate in the English class. Our English group courses are available in different topics such as Small Talk and Conversation, English for travel, Lifestyle English or Business English. You also have the freedom to decide how long to participate in a group course, from 12 weeks to a year with a competitive price starting at € 8 per hour. Take a look at our English group courses and the plan for upcoming courses.

Sometimes it is not possible to plan ahead and sometimes it is necessary for some of our clients to learn or improve the language skills in the shortest possible time. This may be necessary to prepare for an important work situation, a business trip, a job interview or a new job. The major benefit of the English Intensive Course is that you can improve your English in no time. We offer flexible intensive one-to-one English courses so that you can decide how many hours per appointment, how many days of the week, the total number of hours as well as the content . Alternatively you can attend one of our one-week intensive courses (Monday – Friday) with a group of six participants. For more information please have a look at the following links.

Leipzig English does not only offer in-house English courses, but a full corporate service, the complete solution for English training in your company in Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Dresden, Hannover, Köln, Merseburg, Nuremburg, München und viele andere as well as other important locations throughout Germany and Europe. We help you to plan and create tailor-made English courses that not only provide effective and efficient training for your employees, but also adapts to your company’s budget. As with our key partners such as BMW, DB Schenker, the Sparkasse, Bosch and many more, we guide you through the process, including a evaluation of written and oral levels as well as an overview of the developed curriculum. Our professional, experienced and qualified Business English trainers will provide you with regular feedback throughout the course to ensure the best results. Click here for more information on our English solutions for companies.

We offer English language courses for educational institutions and acadamies in a wide variety of industries and sectors. Our qualified and experienced native-speaking English trainers help you to create a timetable and individualized materials that are tailored to your needs and requirements.
We also take full responsibility for the smooth running of the courses, for example, if a trainer can not make it, we will of course send you a replacement so that your lessons can continue uninterrupted. Our courses can also be booked for any level, whether beginner, advanced or people who just need the polish up their English and improve their language fluency. Click here for more information on our English solutions for academies and institutes.

English training for beginners in Leipzig


Learning a new language can be a difficult and sometimes stressful and a scary experience, but it does not have to be this way.
At Leipzig Englisch we work with experienced and patient trainers who have German language skills and the ability to make learning as interesting and enjoyable as possible.


ELF is a form of English used by 2 or more people with different first languages as a tool to communicate.

A typical ELF conversation might involve an Italian and a Ukrainian chatting during a coffee break of an international conference held in Lisbon, or a Spanish tourist asking a local German for directions in Berlin, or an Indian negotiating with a Polish salesperson in Prague.

Among many scholars and linguists, there is a firm belief that this form of English will become the most common form of the English language in the future.

This is good news for non-natives learning English, it means that function is more important than form, get your message across effectively and efficiently is more important that perfection. Meaning the language and grammar is simplified and the focus is on different cultures and accents, not only those of the Brits or Americans.

English lingua Franca Training Leipzig in
Business English Training for Specific needs Leipzig


Tailor made and purposeful

Often individuals or companies contact us looking for a solution for a specific situation. Usually there is something important, either for private situations such as a job interview, or for a professional situation like a meeting, a presentation, a company visit or a negotiation. We offer tailor-made and targeted training that effectively and efficiently prepares you for the upcoming challenge. So that you learn the English that you need, we like to use materials from you or your company to ensure relevance.


At Leipzig English, we have developed a method that will not only make learning easier, but even fun for you. We call this approach – freestyle learning.

This means that you sit down in a relaxed atmosphere with your coach and you talk about current world issues or your favorite travel destination or your pet – just about everything that makes you passionate and above all a lot to talk.

Because the main thing is that you get more security and confidence in dealing with the English language.

Freestyle English training in Leipzig


Leipzig English’s Lifestyle course offers you an unprecedented opportunity: you will not only receive lessons in Business English, but you will also get an overview of English for holidays and travel and English for everyday life. Thus, this course is a combination of the three most important areas in which English is used and in order to build up the desired skills, you do not have to take several, but only this one English course.

The content of this course can be applied to many everyday and professional situations, helping you to communicate effectively in English. This is primarily English for work, social events and travel.


Children are the future and that is why we, at Leipzig English, think of them in a very special way. In addition to our summer camp, we also offer individual lessons and clubs to help them enjoy and improve their English!

English for Kids in Leipzig