we are launching our new option to help people improve their English in relaxed and enjoyable situations. Welcome to “IN (LEIPZIG) ENGLISH PLEASE”, our regular events where you can practice your English and learn useful vocabulary with the help of native English speakers.

At all of the following events you will be accompanied by a professional English trainer who will be there to answer questions regarding the language as well as to correct you, which we all know is a great way to improve our language skills. You can register and take part in any of the OPEN events listed below or you can also book them for yourselves for colleagues, friends, employees, visiting business partners anyone you want.


Murder mystery events at Leipzig Englisch are back by popular demand, they are similar to the German Krimmi-Dinner but more interactive and in our opinion, a whole lot more fun.

You will not sit there a watch a bunch of actors in a play, you will be one of the actors. Before the event you will be sent a character pack which will firstly give you your ‘new’ name, your characteristics, tips for a costume as well as some information that only you will know. Throughout the course of the event you will have the chance to mingle and to get information from others, as well as other information being made public by the host. As time goes by you should start to work out who is the murderer. The events will take place in various locations and will include either a buffet or fixed menu (drinks not included). This event can also be booked upon request as a private event.

English Murder mystery event in Leipzig
English Language trips with Leipzig Englisch


Talk trips are exactly what they sound like, trips to different locations, either for long weekends or whole weeks, where you can improve your English and have a city-break or holiday at the same time.

It could be a city-break to London, Dublin, Edinburgh or even Barcelona, Rome or Paris. Or a weeklong holiday to Malta, Spain, England or even somewhere in Asia. Either way, each day will start with a short English lesson which will teach you the necessary English language that will help you with the activities that have been planned for the day ahead.

Your guide will always be there to assist, but you will be expected to use your English to achieve common goals with your group. These English Talk trips can also be arranged for private groups, please contact us for more information.


Invitation only!

Over the years, Leipzig Englisch has had the pleasure to work with professionals from various sectors and backgrounds and quite frequently we have put people together who could benefit from the connection.

Due to this we have decided to start our bi-monthly Business lounge. The idea is simple, we will come together and network, preferably in English, to firstly practice our English and secondly, find new mutually beneficial contacts. Also, if a member wishes to, he or she can give a presentation about what they do, you can also invite us to your place of business to introduce your company. To be sure that this is to be a dynamic event it is an invitation only, closed group as our idea is that every participant can bring something to the table for the others. If you are interested and feel that you can offer our other participants’ something useful, whether a service or product, then please get in touch today!w

Business Englisch Lounge Leipzig
Brunch bei Leipzig Englisch


On a quarterly basis, we will be holding our breakfast club, which will be a great way to practice your English in a relaxed and tasty environment.

For each event we will visit a different restaurant or bar for Brunch on a Sunday where will enjoy the food on offer as well as talk about different topics. Some of the topics will be planned by us beforehand, but as in real life, the conversation could end up anywhere.


When the weather permits, we will be starting our Outdoor Club, which is exactly what it sounds like.
In a group, we will go outside either walking or hiking, on bikes or rollerblades, relaxing at the Cossi, or even a picnic or BBQ in the park. The idea is to take in the great outdoors alongside practising English in an enjoyable and fresh context.

English wine tasting in Leipzig


Taste & Talk

Once per quarter we will be holding our wine tastings with the help of our Wine expert and English Trainer Robert.

At each Wine event we will be tasting wine with a different theme, it could be based on a country or region, a grape, or it could also be with wines from around the world. But it will not only be about the wine, Robert will guide you through some of the technical aspects of each of the wines, give you tips on which food to eat with each wine as well as discuss with you your preferences. Each event will come with an event manual and tasting vocab list with German translations to help you find the words that you need.

We also offer our wine-tastings as private events.


with afternoon tea

Why not join us on a city tour, in English, around Leipzig and learn some interesting facts about our fine city from the past, present and future.
The walking tour takes about 2-2.5 hours and visits the most important sites in the city centre including such places as the Market place, The new and old city halls, the Auerbachskellar plus many more. After the tour, you are invited to join us in the school for a traditional English tea with tasty old English scones baked by Scott. The tour is in English but an English>German glossary of terms and vocabulary is available upon request. Our city tour can also be booked for private groups.


Leipzig English’s quiz nights have been a great success in the past not only for the fun factor but also the language and general knowledge that you can learn. The idea is simple, you can either create your own team or join one of our teams of a maximum of 4, then there will be 8 rounds of 10 questions about different topics which could be geography, history, Science, culture, pop music plus many more. The team that answers the most questions right, will win the Leipzig English Quiz masters trophy plus a small prize. To help with understanding, vocabulary that will be used in the questions will be in a translated (English>German) glossary.

English Quiz Night in Leipzig

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