Below are some examples of English Crash courses that we offer,

but if you require something different to what is here, just drop us a line to discuss your requirements and we will be more than happy to provide you with a professional solution. All the intensive courses can be taken as 1 to 1s, private group courses with your friends, family or colleagues or alternatively you can take part in one of our open group intensive courses that we run on a monthly basis at our English school in Leipzig.

Learn English in Leipzig quickly at Leipzig English

Do you need English lessons that can help you refresh or learn English in no time?

English Intensive Courses at Leipzig English are ideal for those who want to learn, deepen or perfect their English quickly and effectively. Flexibility is the’keyword’ for every English Crash Course at Leipzig English. Just tell us what you need and want. Leipzig English adapts the courses to your special requirements, whether you need English for everyday life or business.

This English intensive courses are designed for motivated adults

who would like to gain confidence and develop their ability to use English in a variety of contexts. The Intensive course participants need to improve their English for a number of reasons which can include work, studies, travel or to live in an English-speaking country. This is why we offer our crash courses with different content and context including Everyday and conversation English, Business English, and our Lifestyle concept for those who need a general overview of small talk, business and travel. All of our Intensive English courses will help you to make rapid progress, effectively and efficiently, in your English language skills.

English Intensive course at Leipzig Englisch


It could be that you have to prepare for a new job with an international company, or you are taking part in an international project at work. Maybe you need our help for a Business presentation or negotiation or something else very specific. At Leipzig Englisch we can create a personalized lesson plan for your intensive English training that will focus on and ensure that you achieve your goals effectively and quickly.


In these modern times of globalization, many people find that they need English in different situations such as at work, for travel and for small talk. For this Leipzig Englisch Sprachschule has created a concept called the Lifestyle course which will give you a detailed overview of each of the 3 modules to enable you to deal with any situation in which English is needed.


For those that need or want to improve their English language skills for more private settings, we can offer intensive English lessons that concentrate on such topics as travel including booking accommodation and flights, asking for more information along your journey, dealing with problems, in the restaurant etc

We can also prepare you for those situations where you may want to just talk about different everyday topics and for this to work you need to improve your vocabulary which will in turn improve your confidence which will mean a better fluency.


Job hunting and interviews can be a daunting experience in your own language let alone in English. At Leipzig English we are specialists at providing tailor-made English training to help you apply for and get that job that you want. We can help with the creation of your CV and cover letter as well as help you thoroughly prepare for the job interview. The training focuses on the specific language necessary for you and your chosen profession.

Our Intensive English courses are delivered in our rooms at Leipzig Englisch Sprachschule or can also be carried out in your home, office or company

and they are practical English courses designed to quickly and effectively give you the knowledge, skills and fluency you need for today’s globalised world. Our ENGLISH Crash courses can be taken as 1 to 1s, for a more bespoke solution, or in groups either at our school with others with similar levels or in companies for more specific Business English needs.