At Leipzig English we have developed a new and modern method

which will not only make learning easier, but even fun for you. We call this approach in classroom freestyle learning.

Freestyle English learning Leipzig
Greestyle English course in Leipzig

Sometimes it is not so easy to motivate yourself to learn

– The thought of vocabulary drums and complicated grammar exercises is not very tempting. But that should not stop you from learning English.

Freestyle English classes at Leipzig Englisch

That means,

You sit down in a relaxed atmosphere with your coach and you talk about current world issues or your favorite travel destination or your pet – just what makes you passionate and above all, much to talk. Because the main thing is that you get more security and confidence in dealing with the English language .

On top of that, the trainer

Correct your grammar and explain directly what mistakes you have made and how you can avoid them in the future. In addition, the trainer will point out new vocabulary and give you new terms. All our trainers are experienced and qualified native speakers, so we can also optimize your pronunciation.

Freestyle English course in Leipzig

You will learn grammar as well as vocabulary and pronunciation casually, without sacrificing valuable time and patience. You learn exactly the English you want and need - nothing more, nothing less.

Of course you can book freestyle learning as a single or as a partner course . Sometimes called the company course to talk together about a project. To design the content of the course, you have no limits, whether you want to talk about a business topic or about your next trip.