G7 gathering in Italy

The leaders of the world met last weekend for the G7 gathering in Taormina, Sicily. This gathering was a chance for the leaders to get to know Trump´s stance towards key global issues. There was a lot of disagreement between President Trump and the rest of the G7 on a range of key issues. One big point of difference was climate change – Trump threatened to bail out of the 2015 Paris Agreement to tackle climate change. He said he needs time and will decide in the course of the week.

Other topics of disagreement were trade protectionism and how to deal with Russia´s aggressions towards Ukraine. `America first and only’ seems to be the motto of Trump´s foreign politics. One point, however, that everyone could agree on was the fight against terrorism.

According to a speech Angela Merkel gave on Sunday the G7 gathering left a crack in the relation between the US and Germany, an alliance that has defined the post-World War II global order. Now Merkel says that Germany cannot fully count on another nation and we have to take our destiny into our own hands. It seems like the end of an era as Europe and the US drift apart.

gathering (ˈgæðərɪŋ) – die Zusammenkunft, das Treffen

stance (stɑ:n(t)s) – die Haltung

towards (təˈwɔ:d(z)) – in Richtung, hier: gegenüber

key global issue (ki: ˈgləʊbəlˈɪʃu: ) – weltweites Hauptthema

disagreement (ˌdɪsəˈgri:mənt) – die Uneinigkeit

range (rnʤ) – der Bereich

to bail out (bl out) – abspringen, aussteigen

to tackle (ˈtæk) – etwas in Angriff nehmen, angehen

to decide (dɪˈsd) – entscheiden

in the course of (kɔ:s) – im Laufe der Zeit, hier: im Laufe der Woche

trade protectionism (trd prəˈtekʃənɪzəm) – die Handelsschutzpolitik

foreign policy (ˈfɒrɪnˈpɒləsi) – die Aussenpolitik

according to (əˈkɔ:dɪŋ) – nach, laut

speech (spi:) – die Rede, die Ansprache

crack (kræk) – der Riss

relation (rɪˈlʃən) – die Verbindung

alliance (əˈlən(t)s) – das Bündnis, die Allianz

to define (dɪˈfn) – etwas definieren, prägen

destiny (ˈdestɪni: ) – das Schicksal

to drift apart (drɪft əˈpɑ:t) – sich auseinanderleben, sich entfernen voneinander