Great Coalition fails

The talks about forming a great coalition in Germany have failed as the free-market liberal FDP pulls out after weeks of talk with the CDU/CSU bloc and the Greens. Chancellor Angela Merkel had a talk with President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and formally told him that negotiations have failed. This is an unprecedented situation for the president who will meet with all parties and also include those that have not been involved so far.

Furthermore, it could change everything for Angela Merkel. The great coalition was the only shot for her to form a new government after her party coming out weakened through the election in September. What is more, this situation also has an effect on Germany´s position in Europe. For many Merkel is a key player in the EU and also a leader of stability and unity. It is yet unclear what happens next.

FDP leader Christian Lindner said the reason for his decision was missing trust between the parties. Apparently the parties were deeply divided over tax, asylum and environmental policies. One point of disagreement is whether Syrian refugees should be allowed to bring family members to Germany to live with them.

There are a few options regarding what happens next. Germany either has new elections, Angela Merkel could form a minority government with just the Greens but that would complicate every future decision and they will have to fight for every vote. A last option would be another grand coalition between the CDU/CSU bloc and the SPD. But this solution seems unlikely as SPD leader Martin Schulz has already called for a new election rather than work together with Ms Merkel and her party.

to fail (feɪl) – scheitern, fehlschlagen

negotiation (nɪˌgəʊʃiˈʃən) – die Verhandlung

unprecedented (ʌnˈpresɪdəntɪd) – beispiellos, noch nie da gwesen

to involve (ɪnˈvɒlv) – umfassen, einbeziehen

weak (wi:k) – schwach, geschwächt

election (ɪˈlekʃən) – die Wahl

unity (ˈju:nəti) – die Einheit

reason (ˈri:zən) – der Grund, Anlass

decision (dɪˈsɪʒən) – die Entscheidung, Entschluss

trust (trʌst) – das Vertrauen

apparently (əˈpærəntli) – anscheinend, es sieht so aus

deeply (ˈdi:pli) – sehr, äußerst

to divide (dɪˈvd) – teilen

tax (tæks) – die Steuer, Abgabe

environmental policy (ɪnˌv(ə)rənˈmentəl ˈpɒləsi) – die Umweltpolitik

disagreement (ˌdɪsəˈgri:mənt) – die Uneinigkeit

refugee (ˌrefjʊˈʤi:) – der Flüchtling

minority government (mˈnɒrəti

solution (ˈgʌvənmənt) – die Minderheitenregierung

unlikely (ʌnˈlkli) – unwahrscheinlich