Hurricane Harvey rages in Texas

Hurricane Harvey turns roads into rivers in Houston, Texas as 75cm of rain has fallen on the city. That means a year´s rainfall came down within a week. It is the biggest storm in the history of the state of Texas. Up to 2.000 people have already been rescued, many were picked up by a helicopter from their rooftops. As the rain continues the rescue services are overstretched and many people have to fend for themselves. Five people have been reported dead so far and an estimated 30.000 people are in need of shelter.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) say they will support the rescue effort and they will also help restore power and critical infrastructure. At the moment the two airports are closed as are most schools. Thousands of homes are without electricity and the motorway around the city is closed making travel almost impossible. The hurricane might result in fuel shortage and higher prices at the pump and could equal the damages Hurricane Katrina brought with her.

To make matters worse, so far the flood does not show any signs of easing. However, a mass evacuation order has not yet been given. The mayor gave the “crazy” logistics to evacuate 2.3 million people as an argument. He also cited the chaos experienced when residents were evacuated ahead of Hurricane Rita in 2005. Harvey is the most expensive natural disaster in US history.

to turn (tɜ:n) – etw umwandeln, verwandeln

already (ɔ:lˈredi) – schon, bereits

to rescue (ˈreskju:) – jdn retten

to be overstretched (ˈəʊvəʳstre) – überfordert sein

so far (səʊ fɑ:ʳ) – bislang, bisher

to estimate (ˈestɪmt) – schätzen

shelter (ˈʃəltəʳ) – der Schutz, Unterstand

to restore (rɪˈstɔ:ʳ) – etw wiederherstellen, zurückbringen

critical (ˈkrɪtɪkəl) – entscheidend, wichtig

motorway (ˈməʊtəʳw) – die Autobahn

to result (rɪˈzʌlt) – zu etw führen, etw zur Folge haben

fuel shortage (ˈfju:əl ˈʃɔ:tɪʤ) – die Benzinknappheit

to equal (ˈi:kwəl) – etw gleichkommen, an etw heranreichen

to ease (i:z) – nachlassen, nachgeben

mass evacuation (mæs ɪˌvækjʃən) – die Massenevakuation

mayor (ˈmʳ) – der/die Bürgermeister/in

to cite (st) – etw anführen, jdn/etw zitieren

resident  (ˈrezɪdənt) – der/die Bewohner/in

ahead (əˈhed) – vor, vorausschauend

expensive (ɪkˈspen(t)sɪv) – teuer, kostspielig