Leipzig Englisch and its professional and qualified Business English Trainers

have years of experience in creating dynamic English training for large and small companies. We have a solution for every requirement and every level and help you and your employees to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.



Our questionnaire collects general information about the language level of the learner in the foreign language and gives an overview of their needs and goals.


A 10-minute oral test of each participant’s skills with one of our English trainers gives us the opportunity to determine your spoken language level in the desired foreign language. Written tests are also available on our website


Based on the information we collect, we clearly create a curriculum
• The objectives of the course
• The organisation of the course and its time-frame
• A summary of the required language skills
• And plan the course content.


If you need flexibility in organizing your appointments, then our private English coaching is just the option for you. You alone decide how many hours you book and when they take place. In addition, private coaching gives you the opportunity to only learn what you need for your goals or your job. You just need to tell us exactly what you want to achieve with the English language and on that basis we create a course that gives you the desired result.

Your targets for Business English in Leipzig

“Your Goals Are Our Goals Too”

With the vast experience that the Leipzig Englisch Team has gained by training professionals from many of the world’s leading organizations, we understand the need for flexibility and a personal Business English solutions. In this sense, content and approach will be adapted to you and the specific needs of your organization. We do not follow any fixed methodology, but prefer to work with you to choose the best and most effective approach and materials. We understand that your need for Business English language teaching is unique and will therefore we design appropriate programs for each Business English course and Training.

Department Business English Training Leipzig


Our “IN DEPARTMENT” Business English training is aimed primarily at one or more participants working within the same department of a company. The focus of the course is on the language, skills and vocabulary needed in everyday work. We offer English language courses covering a wide range of issues, including accounting and finance, customer service, marketing, maintenance, human resources, research and development, planning, quality control and management, manufacturing, IT, sales and purchasing.


We work with you together to translate documents, emails, memos, presentations etc. Even better is when we observe you as you take part in a conference call, meeting or negotiation, we take notes about your performance which we follow up with a constructive feedback report and highlight any areas that can be improved on. To avoid these mistakes, we can then do some practical coaching to ensure that you avoid these errors in the future.

at work-Business-English training
Business-Englisch-workshops in Leipzig


Similar to our Intensive Courses, our Business English Workshops are also great for quickly reaching your goals, focusing on a topic of your choice. Perhaps your company’s employees within a department want to focus fully on English, which is a frequent occurrence in their daily work lives. Or maybe you want to focus on specific skills, such as giving written communication or presentations. No matter what requirements you have, we can create the right workshop for you. Depending on what you need, the workshop can take between one and five days.


We all like to plan and be prepared for things, but sometimes things pop up that are unexpected. For these cases we offer our Business English Intensive courses, which can quickly prepare you for a situation in which you need to improve your English. It can be anything from a full-day’s training to 1 or more weeks, depending on what you need and how long you have. The Crash course English training is available in 1 to 1s or group courses. Maybe you just want to improve your confidence by improving your fluency, or maybe you need our help to create a presentation, whatever your requirements, get in touch with us today.


Leipzig English has a lot of experience in teaching in different sectors and that means we can give you exactly the knowledge, the communication skills and the terms you need for your job. For this we use various means, if possible also on documents, e-mails, presentations, operating instructions of your company, etc. that you provide us with. This allows us to design the training as relevant as possible for your daily work routine. Please take a look at our sector-specific business English courses here.

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