K as in Kleinmesse Leipzig

K as in Kleinmesse Leipzig

The Kleinmesse takes place twice a year for approximately one month in spring (April/May) and one month in autumn (September/October). It features carrousels, shooting ranges, autoscooter, food trucks and many more. Every Kleinmesse starts and ends with fireworks.

The Kleinmesse has a close history with the trade fair in Leipzig. Whenever the trade fair took place entertainment was offered as well and when the fair grew bigger the Kleinmesse grew with it. It became a market place for entertainment and everyday goods. Then it took place in the city centre on the open spaces, like the Augustusplatz.

With the beginning of the 20th century the city had to move it. In 1907 the Kleinmesse opened on Meßplatz – an artificially created open space with two entrances and space for 1.200 booths and market stalls. Up to 100.000 people visited the new Kleinmesse.

A carrousel on the Kleinmesse Leipzig by night

During Wolrd War I actors reenacted scenes from the battlefield. In 1935 the Kleinmesse moved to Lindenau on Cottaweg where it still takes place every year. There was no Kleinmesse during Wolrd War II – the premises were used as barracks for forced labourers. It started again in April 1946. Since 1992 the Leipzig Schaustellerverein organises the yearly Kleinmesse.

approximately (əˈprɒksɪmətli) – ungefähr, etwa
spring (sprɪŋ) – der Frühling
autumn (ˈɔ:təm) – der Herbst
to feature (ˈfi:tʃəʳ) – etw aufweisen
shooting range (ˈʃu:tɪŋ reɪnʤ) – die Schießbude
trade fair (treɪd feəʳ) – die Handelsmesse

artificially (ˌɑ:tɪˈfɪʃəli) – künstlich
booth (bu:ð) – der Stand, die Bude
market stall (ˈmɑ:kɪt stɔ:l) – der Marktstand
to reenact (ˌri:ɪˈnækt) – etw nachstellen, vorspielen
premises (ˈpremɪsɪz) – das Land, Gelände
forced labourer (fɔ:st ˈleɪbərəʳ) – die Zwangsarbeiter