RB Leipzig defeat Scottish champions

RB Leipzig defeat Glasgow Rangers 4-0 in friendly match

Image: ©lvz.de

The streets of Leipzig were filled with fans of the Scottish champions Glasgow Rangers on Sunday, the fifteenth of January, before the team’s friendly match against the local RB Leipzig. In spite of the cold and snowy weather, the 8,000 Scots attending the match marched from the city’s marketplace to the football stadium, doing their warm-up before the game which was scheduled to start at half past three local time.

After a loss three-nil to Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga last December and an even heavier defeat five to one against Ajax Amsterdam in another friendly which had taken place the previous week, this time RB Leipzig managed to score four times. The team was already in the lead at half-time, with two goals by Timo Werner and Oliver Burke. After the break, the situation deteriorated even further for the Scotsmen, as Yussuf Poulsen scored a double and the final whistle marked a clear victory for RB Leipzig: four-nil.

The final result was especially bitter for one Rangers fan, who fell twenty feet over a handrail at the Red Bull Arena after trying to do a handstand. He was treated by paramedics and, because he was only slightly injured, he was able to return to the stands and watch the match with the other fans who had come all the way from Scotland for this friendly.


English – German glossary:

to defeat = schlagen

filled with (people) = voller (Menschen)

Scottish champions = schottische Meister

friendly match (also friendly) = Testspiel

in spite of = trotz

Scots, Scotsmen = Schotten

football stadium = Fußballstadion

to warm up = (hier) sich aufwärmen

local time = Ortszeit

the previous week = die vorige Woche

to score = (hier) schießen

goal = (hier) Tor

in the lead = in Führung

half time = Halbzeit

double = (hier) zwei Tore von demselben Fußballspieler

final whistle = Schlusspfiff

victory = Sieg

bitter = (hier) herb

handrail = das Geländer

to treat = (hier) behandeln

paramedics = Sanitäter

slighly injured = leicht verletzt

stands = Tribüne

to come all the way from Scotland = extra aus Schottland kommen