The Lost Toys – Little Blue Cup

It started with a tweet last year when a father put out a post for a blue little cup. His autistic son Ben would only drink from this little cup he had since he was two years old. When he lost it the cup it was no longer produced. His father´s tweet went around the world and now Ben has 591 identical cups, which should last for a lifetime.

After this success Ben´s father Marc started the project “LittleBlueCup” dedicated to find missing items for children. Only a month after his tweet desperate parents contacted him for help for their children with autism or other learning disabilities looking for something that was important to them. The items help children to cope with anxiety or go through a hard time.

Often items are difficult to track because they were either bought on holiday or sold out or they simply are not produced any longer. Sometimes toys were just a special offer and available only for a limited time. So far Marc has found 1.800 items and has helped 230 families. The lost items range from cuddly toys over cups and blankets to hats.

The project relies on the kindness of strangers and their willingness to help. Marc now has 30 people who help him with the searches and Facebook groups in Australia, US and Canada. 9 out of 10 times they find the item. Marc also uses the project to spread awareness for autism and to inform people about it. He wants to move away from its stereotypical perception.

cup (kʌp) – die Tasse, Becher

lifetime (lf tm) – die Lebensdauer, auf Lebenszeit

success (səkˈses) – der Erfolg

to dedicate (ˈdedɪkt) – sich etw widmen, engagiert sein

desperate (ˈdespərət) – verzweifelt

parent (ˈprənt) – Elternteil, Eltern

disability (ˌdɪsəˈbɪləti) – die Behinderung

anxiety (æŋˈzəti) – die Angst, Angstzustand

difficult (ˈdɪfɪkəlt) – schwer, schwierig

to track (træk) – etw verfolgen, aufspüren

to range (rnʤ) – von etw bis etw reichen

cuddly toy (ˈkʌdi tɔɪ) – das Kuscheltier, Plüschtier

blanket (ˈblæŋkɪt) – die Decke

hat (hæt) – der Hut, Mütze

to rely (rɪˈl) – sich auf etw verlassen, von etw abhängen

kindness (ˈkndnəs) – die Freundlichkeit, Liebenswürdigkeit

willingness (ˈwɪlɪŋnəs) – die Bereitschaft, Bereitwilligkeit

to spread (spred) – etw verbreiten

awareness (əˈwʳnəs) – das Bewusstsein

perception (pəˈsepʃən) – die Wahrnehmung