New hope for Charlie Gard

UPDATE - "It's too late": Charlie Gard's parents end legal battle to save their son!

Charlie suffers from a rare genetic condition that causes muscle weakness and brain damage. He is unable to move his arms and legs or breathe unaided. The parents have raised nearly 1,6 million euro to take him to the United States for an experimental treatment. But British doctors have told the parents that further treatments would only cause more pain and prolong the boy´s suffering. This decision has been backed up by British courts.

The case was reopened earlier this month, however, after two hospitals in the US had approached the hospital in London with possible evidence of alternative treatment. A doctor from the states told the parents there is a 10% chance of success if Charlie were to undergo the experimental treatment. Now Dr. Hirano has arrived in London to examine the little boy.

Dr. Hirano´s lab is researching and developing experimental therapies for the disorder that afflicts Charlie. He will have full access to the records and facilities at the London clinic. British doctors had advised Charlie´s parents to switch off the life support of the little boy, allowing him to die. But his parents believe in their son and his will to fight. They want to be sure they did everything they could before letting him go.

rare (reəʳ) – selten

condition (kənˈdɪʃən) – der Zustand, die Verfassung

to cause (kɔ:z) – etw verursachen

weakness (ˈwi:knəs) – die Schwäche

brain damage (brn ˈdæmɪʤ) – der Hirnschaden

unaided (ʌnˈdɪd) – ohne fremde Hilfe

to raise (rz) – hier: sammeln, beschaffen

treatment (ˈtri:tmənt) – die Behandlung

further (ˈfɜ:ðəʳ) – weitere

pain (pn) – der Schmerz

to prolong (prə(ʊ)ˈlɒŋ) – etw verlängern, hinauszögern

to back up (bæk ʌp) – jdn unterstützen, jdm den Rücken decken

to approach (əˈprəʊ) – sich jdm nähern, auf jdn zukommen

possible (ˈpɒsəb) – möglich

to undergo (ˈʌndəʳgəʊ) – etw durchmachen, sich etw unterziehen

to arrive (əˈrv) – ankommen, eintreffen

to develop (dɪˈveləp) – etw entwickeln

disorder (dɪˈsɔ:dəʳ) – hier: die Störung, die Fehlfunktion

access (ˈækses) – der Zugang

to afflict (əˈflɪkt) – jdn/etw plagen, an etw leiden

facility (fəˈsɪlɪti) – hier: die Einrichtung, die Anlage

to advise (ədˈvz) – jdn beraten

life support (lf səˈpɔ:t) – lebenserhaltende Maßnahmen

to allow (əˈl) – etw erlauben, gestatten