Online Pirates hack into Disney and steal the new “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced during a town hall meeting on Monday in New York that an upcoming movie was stolen. “Pirates of the Carribean – Dead men tell no tales” will be the fifth instalment in the franchise and is due to be released on May 26th. The last movies were a huge success and Disney could lose a lot of money if the movie would be uploaded be the hackers.

The attackers demand a ransom to be paid in Bitcoins (digital method of payment) and threaten to upload the movie in segments of twenty minutes if the demanded ransom is not paid. But Disney refuses to comply with the request and works together with investigators from the FBI.

The entertainment industry became a prime target in the ransomware crimewave. Over the last weeks a lot of talent agencies in Hollywood have been attacked. Last month online pirates uploaded the fifth season of “Orange is the new black” six weeks before its official release date after Netflix refused to pay a ransom.

CEO (chief executive operator – ˌsi:i:ˈəʊ) – der/die Geschäftsführer/in

to announce (əˈnaʊn(t)s) – etwas verkünden

during (ˈdjʊərɪŋ) – während

upcoming (ˈʌpˌkʌmɪŋ) – kommend

tale (teɪl) – die Geschichte

instalment (ɪnˈstɔ:lmənt) – die Fortsetzung, die Folge

franchise (ˈfræn(t)ʃaɪz) – das Franchise

to be due (dju) – fällig sein

to release (rɪˈli:s) – hier: veröffentlichen

success (səkˈses) – der Erfolg

to demand (dɪˈmɑ:nd) – etwas fordern

ransom (ˈræn(t)səm) – das Lösegeld

to threat (θret) – drohen

segment (ˈsegmənt) – ein Teil

to refuse(rɪˈfju:z) – etwas ablehnen, verweigern

to comply (kəmˈplaɪ) – etwas befolgen

a prime target (praɪm/ ˈtɑ:gɪt) – das Hauptziel

crimewave (kraɪmweɪv) – die Verbrechenswelle