Tailored English training in Leipzig

Our English private lessons are guaranteed to be tailor-made to your individual wishes and requirements.

You will improve your English skills with a professional English trainer and work together to refine your skills to achieve your goals.

Your experienced English trainer will also create an individualized syllabus for you and build lessons based on your goals. These will be determined at the beginning of your course together with your trainer based on a needs analysis and a learning agreement. Your lessons can take place during the day, evening or even the weekend, giving you the flexibility to develop your skills at your own pace.


These private Business English courses are tailored to you and your individual needs.

At the core of your Business English one-to-one you will find: your wishes, your requirements and your goals. You yourself will determine the training contents and priorities. Your wishes are always in the foreground.


This course is for anyone who wants to improve their English skills in a variety of situations, including Business English, Travel, and, of course, Small Talk and Conversation. We’ve designed our one-to-one lifestyle class to offer you a wide range of content so you can communicate effectively in English, whether at work, traveling or talking to friends.


Clients often come to us with the desire to improve their English for a particular

situation, preferably as soon as possible.
We offer a private English coaching that can prepares you for anything. This can be a job interview, a lecture, a meeting or a negotiation, a business trip, a vacation trip or something completely different. We create a coaching plan that will prepare you for future challenges quickly and efficiently.


Sometimes you just have to learn a language faster and that’s why we offer English

language intensive courses. Either because you are preparing for an important meeting, a job interview, a job fair or a business trip. Intensive courses can take a day, a week or more and lessons can take place in the evenings, during the day or even at the weekend – you decide.

  • to significantly improve your skills and their use in key situations
  • Determine your problems with the English language and identify the areas you need to focus on
  • To speak with more confidence, fluency and accuracy
  • Englisch einzelkurs tickTo use a more extensive and specific vocabulary
  • Understand conversations in English, both with native speakers and non-native speakers of English.
English course 1 to 1 Freestyle in Leipzig


Freestyle One-to-One is an English training that aims to expand your vocabulary and improve your fluency. The Freestyle concept means that you and the trainer discuss a wide range of topics in class. As in everyday life, the conversation can drift off in every direction while your trainer gives you the necessary vocabulary and phrases to enable you to actively take part in the conversation.

Did you know that you can have your private English course funded at Leipzig English? We are happy to advise you!