Do you want or need to communicate with other people in English, but do not find the right words or are you afraid of making mistakes?

If so, then we have the right course for you in which you will improve your listening skills and learn to speak in different everyday situations.

That's not all

You will learn the language in an interesting way with our experienced and patient language trainers. Our Speak Out course is for people of all levels, whether novices (taught by a trainer who can also speak German) or advanced learners who want to take their skills to the next level.

English small talk course Leipzig

Better understanding. Improved fluency. Greater confidence

This is the perfect English course for you if you want to have a better understanding and speak effectively with more confidence. Leipzig English’s conversation course will help you to refine the basic skills of oral communication. We will also build on your listening comprehension so that you can better follow conversations and engage effectively.

You will learn more than simple phrases in English – we will provide you with the techniques and language skills you need to communicate in a variety of situations. We will improve your English language skills by encouraging many conversations through role plays, debates, short lectures and discussions.

Every week a new topic is discussed, including:

Englisch vorstellung machen

Getting to know yourself and others (personal information)

Englisch für Reisen

The world around us (cultures, social and the environment)

Foreign places

Englisch für richtungen

Get there – Directions

Englisch über familie sprechen

Family and friends (relationships)

Englisch für Termine

Daily activities

Englisch für gesungheit

Health and Fitness

Englisch konversation

What not to say!

Englisch für Arbeit

At Work

Englisch für restaurants und essen

Food and Drink

Englisch für freizeit

Free-time and Travel

Englisch für small talk

Describing people