Trump under investigation for possible obstruction of justice

President Trump is under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller for possible obstruction of justice. Senior intelligence officials will be interviewed about whether Trump tried to end an ongoing investigation. Last week former FBI Director James Comey testified under oath that the President had asked him to drop the investigation into former National Security advisor Michael Flynn.

So far Trump has denied all allegations of collusion with Russia and says that the ongoing investigation is a witch hunt fabricated by the media. He further says that the more important story is about the leaks from the FBI and not an alleged collusion with Russia.

This development is a major turning point in the investigation that until recently only focused on the Russian angle. The questioning of intelligence officials could already start this week. However, the questioning does not mean that a case against President Trump is being built. It is simply a gathering of information, which will be passed on to the prosecutors who then have to decide.

Earlier this week reports emerged that Trump wants to fire special counsel Robert Mueller but apparently he has been talked out of this decision.

Investigation (ɪnˌvestɪˈgʃən) – die Untersuchung

special counsel (ˈspeʃəlˈkn(t)səl) – Sonderberater

obstruction of justice (əbˈstrʌkʃən ˈʤʌstɪs) – die Rechtsbehinderung

whether (ˈ(h)weðəʳ) – ob

ongoing (ˈɒnˌgəʊɪŋ) – laufend, im Gang

to testify (ˈtestɪf) – als Zeuge aussagen

under oath (ˈʌndəʳ əʊθ ) – unter Eid

to deny (dɪˈnaɪ) – etwas abstreiten, verleugnen

allegation (æləˈgʃən) – die Behauptung, die Anschuldigung

collusion (kəˈlu:ʒən) – geheime Absprache

to fabricate (ˈfæbrɪkt) – etwas erfinden, sich etwas ausdenken

turning point (ˈtɜ:nɪŋ pɔɪnt) – der Wendepunkt

recently (ˈri:səntli) – kürzlich, vor Kurzem

angle (ˈæŋg) – der Winkel, hier: die Perspektive

case (ks) – der Fall, der Rechtsfall

prosecutor (ˈprɒsɪkju:təʳ) – der/die Ankläger/in

to emerge (ɪˈmɜ:ʤ) – auftauchen, herauskommen

apparently (əˈpærəntli) – offensichtlich, anscheinend