Week in Review (17th – 21st July)

Republican attempts to replace Obamacare fail

Two Republican senators said they oppose their party´s proposed alternative to Obamacare. This makes it impossible for the bill to pass in its current form. Now president Trump wants to repeal Obamacare, so Republicans can start afresh. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will be responsible for that. To repeal and replace Obamacare was one of the key campaign pledges Donald Trump made.

The two Republican senators say that the new legislation does not go far enough in repealing Obamacare. Others had already expressed their concern about cuts to Medicaid. With two new opponents the Republicans no longer have enough votes to pass the bill. Democrats said they are not willing to work together to repeal Obamacare but will co-operate to work on a compromise to improve the bill.

The Congressional Budgetary Office (CBO) stated that the new bill would have stripped 22 million Americans of health insurance. It is therefore no wonder that Obamacare is still popular among Amercians. It will be a fine line for Mitch McConnell to walk by keeping both moderates and hard-core conservatives in the party on board.

attempt (əˈtem(p)t) – der Versuch

to oppose (əˈpəʊz) – etw ablehnen, gegen etw sein

bill (bɪl) – hier: die Gesetzesvorlage, der Gesetzesentwurf

current (ˈkʌrənt) – aktuell, gegenwärtig

to repeal (rɪˈpi:l) – ein Gesetz aufheben, außer Kraft setzen

afresh (əˈfreʃ) – vorn vorne beginnen

majority (məˈʤɒrəti) – die Mehrheit

pledge (pleʤ) – das Versprechen, die Zusicherung

legislation (ˌleʤɪˈsleɪʃən) – Gesetze,

concern (kənˈsɜ:n) – die Sorge

opponent (əˈpəʊnənt) – die Gegenpartei, der Gegner

to improve (ɪmˈpru:v) – etw verbessern

Congressional Budgetary Office (kənˈgreʃənəl ˈbʌʤɪtəri ˈɒfɪs)

to state (steɪt) – etw äußern

health insurance (helθ  ɪnˈʃʊərən(t)s) – die Krankenversicherung

therefore (ˈðeəfɔ:ʳ) – deshalb, daher

moderate (ˈmɒdərət) – Gemäßigte(r)

Wildfire in California

A large wildfire was burning out of control in central California late on Tuesday. The blaze started on Sunday and has rapidly grown since. It already scorched 25,000 acres and affected towns had to be evacuated. Only five percent of the fire has been contained by Wednesday morning and it continues to threaten around 1,500 homes and buildings and the power lines supplying electricity to Yosemite National Park.

The weather on Wednesday was dry and hot and the biggest concern is the wind. Marine air moving in is expected to fuel the blaze on Wednesday morning. After the early months of the year 2017 brought significant rainfall with them but the potential for large fires was expected to spike again during spring. The wildfire is the 18th time a fire has started this year in California alone and it is rapidly spreading and putting up a huge smoke plume.

Cal Fire published a map with the affected areas and is fighting to contain the fire.

blaze (bleɪz) – Der Brand, das Feuer

rapidly (ˈræpɪdli) – schnell, rasch

to scorch (skɔ:tʃ) – etw versengen

to affect (əˈfekt) – etw beeinflussen, sich auf etw auswirken

to contain (kənˈteɪn) – etw enthalten

power line (ˈpaʊəʳ laɪn) – die Hochspannungsleitung, die Starkstromleitung

to supply (səˈplaɪ) – etw bereitstellen, für etw sorgen

marine air (məˈri:n eəʳ) – die Meeresluft

to expect (ɪkˈspekt) – etw erwarten

to fuel (ˈfju:əl) – etw schüren, anheizen, nähren

to spike (spaɪk) – hier: stark steigen, zunehmen

spring (sprɪŋ) – der Frühling

to spread (spred) – etw verbreiten

plume (plu:m) – die Rauchwolke, die Staubwolke

Earthquake in Greece-Turkey

A 6,7 – magnitude quake hit the Aegean Sea near the Turkish coast with a depth of 10km. the earthquake struck in the night from Thursday to Friday. The Greek island Kos was nearest to the epicentre of the quake and appeared to be the worst hit. At least two people died and around 100 were injured. Buildings collapsed, windows were smashed and walls cracked.

In Turkey the city Bodrum was flooded as the earthquake triggered high waves. People stood up to their ankles in water and cars were lifted by the flood. Both cities are popular tourist destinations and people told how they left their hotel rooms in the middle of the night. Tourists and residents spent the night outside on beach loungers or in cars.

Many of the collapsed buildings were rather old and they were built before earthquake building codes were introduced. People were hit by falling debris from either a collapsed wall or a broken building. Some people were suffering broken bones with a number in serious condition. The army is supporting the emergency services with the rescue operation.

magnitude (ˈmægnɪtju:d) – das Ausmaß, die Größe

quake (kwk) – das Erdbeben, die Erschütterung

coast (kəʊst) – die Küste

depth (depθ) – die Tiefe

to strike (strk) – etw/jdn heimsuchen

epicentre (ˈepɪsentəʳ) – der Mittelpunkt, das Epizentrum

to smash (smæʃ) – etw zerschlagen, einschlagen

to crack (kræk) – einreißen, krachen, knacken

to flood (flʌd) – die Überschwemmung, das Hochwasser

to trigger (ˈtrɪgəʳ) – etw auslösen

ankle (ˈæŋk) – der Knöchel

to lift (lɪft) – etw anheben

destination (ˌdestɪˈnʃən) – das Ziel

resident (ˈrezɪdənt) – der/die Bewohner(in)

lounger (ˈlnʤəʳ) – der Liegestuhl, de Sonnenliege

to introduce (ˌɪntrəˈdju:s) – etw einführen, vorstellen

debris (ˈdebri:) – die Trümmer, der Schutt

condition (kənˈdɪʃən) – der Zustand

emergency (ɪˈmɜ:ʤən(t)si) – der Notfall, die Notlage

rescue (ˈreskju🙂  – die Rettung, die Befreiung