Week in Review (19th – 23rd June)

Forest fire in Portugal

Due to hot and dry weather a fire started in Portugal´s forest in the Pedrógao Grande area last weekend. At least 64 people have died since Saturday and more than 250 were injured. Many people died in their cars while trying to flee the area. Although officials say that 70% of the fire is under control soaring temperatures and wind threaten to reignite the fires.

A state of emergency was called around the area north-east of Lisbon. More than 1,000 fire fighters are tackling the fires at all fronts. The fire is believed to have started on Saturday caused by lightning. After a long drought the forests are dry and the hot temperatures together with strong winds created a perfect storm, as fire fighters call it.

Neighbouring countries like Spain and France sent water-dumping aircrafts over to help getting the fires under control. The fire already ravaged 30,000 hectares of forest.

at least (li:st) – mindestens

since (sɪn(t)s) – seit, seitdem

to be injured (ˈɪnʤəd) – sich verletzen

to flee (fli: ) – fliehen, flüchten

although (ɔ:lˈðəʊ) – obowhl, obgleich

to soar (sɔ:ʳ) – rapide ansteigen, zunehmen

to reignite (ɪgˈnt) – neu entfachen, neu entzünden

state of emergency (stt ɒv ɪˈmɜ:ʤən(t)si) – der Ausnahmezustand, der Notstand

to tackle (ˈtæk) – etwas angehen, etwas bekämpfen

to cause (kɔ:z) – etwas verursachen

lightning (ˈltnɪŋ) – der Blitz

drought (drt) – die Trockenheit, die Dürre

fire fighter (ˈfəʳˈftəʳ) – der Feuerwehrmann

neighbouring (ˈnbərɪŋ) – benachbart

water-dumping (ˈwɔ:təʳ– ˈdʌmpɪŋ) – wasserwerfend

aircraft (eəʳkrɑ:ft) – das Flugzeug, das Luftfahrzeug

to ravage (ˈrævɪʤ) – etwas verüwsten, verheerenden Schaden anrichten

Otto Warmbier dies after his return from Norh Korea

The 22-year old student Otto Warmbier died on Monday after he was returned to his family in Ohio. While on a tourist trip to North Korea he was detained in Pyongyang and charged with committing a hostile act against the government. Allegedly he had tried to take down a propaganda banner from a hotel. After a one-hour trial Otto Warmbier was convicted and sentenced to 15 years of hard labour.

He was held in Pyongyang since January 2016. Last week he returned back to the United States to his parents in an unconscious state. His doctor´s said he had extensive brain damage dating back longer than one year. He was not able to speak or react during the reunion with his family.

The Chinese agency that had organised the trip stated they will no longer offer North Korean tours. They had tried to speak with Otto Warmbier during his detention but were denied any contact and only received reassurances that the student was fine. There is no further information about his period in detention. President Trump offered his condolences to the family and condemned the actions of North Korea.

to return (rɪˈtɜ:n) – zurückkehren, wiederkehren

to detain (dɪˈtn) – jdn inhaftieren, in Haft nehmen

to charge (tʃɑ:ʤ) – jdn anklagen, beschuldigen

to commit (kəˈmɪt) – etw begehen

hostile (ˈhɒstl) – feindselig, feindlich

allegedly (əˈleʤɪdli) – angeblich

to convict (ˈkɒnvɪkt) – verurteilen, schuldig sprechen

to sentence (ˈsentən(t)s) – verurteilen

unconscious (ʌnˈkɒn(t)ʃəs) – bewusstlos

extensive (ɪkˈsten(t)sɪv) – umfangreich, hier: schwer

reunion (ˌri:ˈju:niən) – das Treffen, die Zusammenkunft

detention (dɪˈten(t)ʃən) – die Haft

to deny (dɪˈn) – etw abstreiten, etw verweigern

to receive (rɪˈsi:v) – etw erhalten, bekommen

reassurance (ˌri:əˈʃʊərən(t)s)  – die Versicherung, die Beteuerung

condolence (kənˈdəʊlən(t)s) – das Beileid

to condemn (kənˈdem) – etw/jdn verurteilen

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