Week in Review (21st – 25th August)

Barcelona: suspects face judge

Four people suspected of belonging to the cell responsible for the terror attack in and around Barcelona were transferred to a jail in Madrid. There they will appear before the high court. Eight other members of the alleged cell are dead, two of them died in an explosion and the others were shot dead by the police.

The last suspect was killed on Monday earlier this week. He is supposed to be the driver who ploughed a van through Las Ramblas in Barcelona last week. Most of the suspects lived in a town north of Barcelona, close to the French border and were of North African descent. They will be charged on counts of terrorism, murder and possession of arms.

to suspect (səˈspekt) – etw vermuten, anehmen, verdächtigen
to belong (bɪˈlɒŋ) – dazu gehören
responsible (rɪˈspɒn(t)səbl̩) – verantwortlich
to transfer (træn(t)sˈfɜ:ʳ) – jdn/etw transferieren, übertragen, versetzen
to appear (əˈpɪəʳ) – erscheinen, auftauchen
to plough (plaʊ) – etw durchpflügen, durch etw durchrauschen
descent (dɪˈsent) – hier: die Herkunft, Abstammung
possession (pəˈzeʃən) – der Besitz
arms (ɑ:m) – hier: die Waffen

US Navy fires fleet commander after collision

The S Navy dismissed Vice Adm Joseph Aucoin as fleet commander following another collision involving warships in Asia. The USS John S McCain collided with an oil tanker near Singapore on Monday. The ship is in port in Singapore now and Navy officials confirmed that human remains have been found in sealed compartments on board the ship. Ten sailors are still missing.

The collision left a large hole in the destroyer´s left-hand side and flooded compartments including crew berths. The oil tanker took less damage and no one was injured and no oil was spilled. It is yet unclear exactly how the Navy ship collided with the tanker. Ships of Malaysian and Singaporean navies continue to support US helicopters and vessels in the search for bodies near the site of the crash.

The crash was the fourth such incident in a year. The collision triggered a series of steps taken by Navy officials, the dismissal of Vice Adm Aucoin being the latest one. According to a statement from the Navy they lost their confidence in Vice Adm Aucoin´s ability to command. He has been commander of the 7th Fleet since 2015 and will be replaced immediately. The 7th Fleet is the largest one in the Navy with some 50 to 70 vessels and submarines.

to dismiss (dɪsˈmɪs) – hier: jdn entlassen, wegschicken
fleet commander (fli:t kəˈmɑ:ndəʳ) – der Flottenkommandant
collision (kəˈlɪʒən) – der Zusammenstoß
to involve (ɪnˈvɒlv) – etw beinhalten
port (pɔ:t) – der Hafen
remains (rɪˈmeɪnz) – die Reste, die Überbleibsel
compartment (kəmˈpɑ:tmənt) – der Bereich, das Abteil
to include (ɪnˈklu:d) – etw beinhalten, etw einschließen
crew berth (kru: bɜ:θ) – die Schlafkoje
damage (ˈdæmɪʤ) – der Schaden
to continue (kənˈtɪnju) – weitermachen, andauern
vessel (ˈvesəl) – das Schiff
site (saɪt) – die Stelle, der Ort
to trigger (ˈtrɪgəʳ) – etw auslösen
confidence (ˈkɒnfɪdən(t)s) – das Vertrauen
ability (əˈbɪləti) – die Fähigkeit
immediately (ɪˈmi:diətli) – sofort, gleich
submarine (ˌsʌbmərˈi:n) – das U-Boot

Swedish journalist confirmed dead

The 30-year-old Kim Wall from Sweden is missing since she boarded a submarine earlier this month. The home-built vessel belonged to the inventor Peter Madsen. It sank and while Madsen was rescued by the Danish Navy the journalist was not found. The inventor said he dropped Kim Wall off at the shore. Later, however, he said that she had died in an accident and he had buried her at sea.

Earlier this week on Monday a headless torso was found in the water near the area the journalist went missing. The arms and legs were cut off. The Danish police took DNA samples and confirmed that the torso belonged to the Swedish journalist. The DNA samples matched that from her toothbrush and hairbrush. The torso was weighted down with metal in order to stop it from floating.

According to statement by the police it appears the submarine had been deliberately sunk. Traces of blood that belonged to Kim Wall have been found on the submarine. The inventor Madsen is being held on preliminarily manslaughter charges but denies all charges brought against him. The search for Ms Wall´s remains continues.

since (sɪn(t)s) – seit
to board (bɔ:d) – hier: entern, besteigen
to belong (bɪˈlɒŋ) – zu etw gehören, dazugehören
inventor (ɪnˈventəʳ) – der Erfinder
to rescue (ˈreskju:) – jdn retten, befreien
shore (ʃɔ:ʳ) – das Ufer, die Küste
accident (ˈæksɪdənt) – der Unfall
to bury (ˈberi) – jdn begraben, bestatten
torso (ˈtɔ:səʊ) – der Rumpf, Oberkörper
sample (ˈsɑ:mpl̩) – die Probe, das Muster
to match (mætʃ) – zu etw passen, zusammengehören
to weigh down (weɪ) – etw beschweren, runterdrücken
to float (fləʊt) – schwimmen, treiben
deliberately (dɪˈlɪbərətli) – absichtlich
trace (treɪs) – hier: die Spur, das Zeichen
preliminarily (prɪˈlɪmɪnəri) – vorläufig, vorübergehend
manslaughter (mænˈslɔ:təʳ) – der Totschlag
charge (tʃɑ:ʤ) – die Anklage
to deny (dɪˈnaɪ) – etw abstreiten, zurückweisen, leugnen