Week in Review (8th – 12th May)

On may 9th US-President Donald Trump fired the FBI Director James Comey. According to an official statement from the White House this decision was made based on clear recommendation of the attorney general. The president wanted to restore the public trust in the institution FBI. Comey was criticised for the way he handled the investigation around Clinton during the campaign last year.

It is extremely rare for a president to fire the FBI Director and many newspapers compared the news to the Nixon Watergate affair when the president fired the special prosecutor who was investigating his administration. Now the firing of Comey reflects badly on Donald Trump as the investigation into alleged election tampering surrounding Trumps campaign reached the next step. Although the president says it had nothing to do with the investigation and that he would have fired Comey nonetheless the question remains – why now?

to fire (ˈfəʳ) – jemanden feuern, kündigen

according to (əˈkɔ:dɪŋ) – laut, gemäß

recommendation (ˌrekəmenˈdʃən) – die Empfehlung

attorney general (əˈtɜ:rnˈʤenərəl) – der Generalstaatsanwalt

restore (rɪˈstɔ:ʳ) – wiederherstellen

investigation (ɪnˌvestɪˈgʃən) – die Untersuchung

campaign (kæmˈpn) – (hier) der Wahlkampf

rare (rʳ) – selten

special prosecutor (ˈspeʃəˈprɒsɪkju:təʳ) – der Sonderermittler

administration (atminɪstraˈtso:n) – die Regierung

to reflect badly (rɪˈflekˈbædli) – schlechtes Licht werfen

alleged (əˈleʤd) – angeblich

tampering (ˈtæmpəʳ) – die Verfälschung

to surround (səˈrnd) – jemanden umgeben

although (ɔ:lˈðəʊ) – obwohl

nonetheless (ˌnʌnðəˈles) – nichtsdestotrotz

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