Week in Review – NATO, Johnson&Johnson and World Cup

NATO Summit

President Donald Trump has declared that the Nato countries have agreed to increase their military spending.

After a 2-day summit in Brussels Trump says that the allies have agreed to spend more than 2% of their annual output (GDP) on defence budgets.

Although Trump has told reporters that he had no plans of leaving the Nato yet, he has been very critical of their actions, complaining that the United States pays more than other countries.

The Nato has already agreed on increasing their defense spending by 2% by the year 2024 back in 2014, but Trump is looking for results sooner than that, and is urging Nato countries to commit to at least a 4% increase.

According toTrump the summit was a success, and Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg had given “total credit” to him for the increased spending, which he has pushed for last year during his first Nato meeting.

But french President Emmanuel Macron has denied any increase to the existing goal of 2% by 2024, and has stated that he is unconvinced with the suggestion of a 4% increase.

declared (dɪˈklɛrd) – erklärt
spending (ˈspɛndɪŋ) – die Ausgaben
summit            (ˈsʌmət) – das Gipfeltreffen
output  (ˈaʊtˌpʊt) – die Produktion
defence budgets (dɪˈfɛns ˈbʌʤɪts) – der Verteidigungshaushalt
critical  (ˈkrɪtɪkəl) – kritisch
urging  (ˈɜrʤɪŋ) – jdn. auffordern
commit              (kəˈmɪt) – sich verpflichten
credit   (ˈkrɛdət) – hier: die Ehre, Respekt
denied (dɪˈnaɪd) – etw. abstreiten
suggestion (səgˈʤɛsʧən) – der Vorschlag

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is currently battling around 9000 legal cases which involve their signature baby powder, and according to that they have been ordered to pay 4.7 billion dollars in damages to 22 women who have allegedly developed ovarian cancer due to the talc in their products.

During the 6 week trial, these women have claimed that they have developed ovarian cancer after using baby powder and other talc products for decades.

6 of these 22 women have died from ovarian cancer.

Their lawyers claim the company knew its talc was contaminated with asbestos since the 1970s but failed to warn consumers about the risks, but J & J have denied that their products contain asbestos and they insist that their products do not cause cancer.

The Pharmaceutical company said that several studies showed that the talc used in their products is safe to use, while the UK- based ovarian cancer charity Ovacome has produced information on the matter that states the exact opposite, it says that using talcum powder on the genital area may increase the risk of ovarian cancer.

battling (ˈbætəlɪŋ) – streitend
legal cases (ˈligəl ˈkeɪsəz) – die Rechtsfälle
signature (ˈsɪgnəʧər ) – charakteristisch
damages (ˈdæməʤəz) – hier: der Schadensersatz
ovarian cancer (oʊˈvɛriən ˈkænsər) – der Eierstockkrebs
talc (tælk) – das Talkum
trial (ˈtraɪəl) – die Gerichtsverhandlung
claimed (kleɪmd) – behauptet
contaminated  (kənˈtæməˌneɪtəd) – kontaminiert
consumers (kənˈsumərz) – die Verbraucher
charity (ˈʧɛrɪti) – die Stiftung
opposite (ˈɑpəzət) – das Gegenteil

Croatia Victory Celebration

The World Cup semi—final was a legendary one for Croatia, on Wednesday Croatia’s Mario Mandzukic scored the team’s winning goal beating England 2-1 to reach the World Cup final for the first time in the country’s history.

Like any other football victory Mario rushed to celebrate his victory, followed by his teammates when AFP’s photographer Yuri Cortez was caught in the middle of the celebrations, Cortez got closer to the festivities than any other photographer has, he ended up being trapped under the pile of players. Being the professional he is, Yuri immediately picked up his camera and snapped up close photos of the celebration, while fellow photographers snapped shots of him under the players.

“I was just changing my lens as the players ran towards me,” the photographer told AFP news agency later. “They just kept coming towards me and they fell on me!” he says.

The players were caught up in the moment and suddenly realized the photographer was under them, they immediately helped him get up and asked of he was alright, one of the players picked up his lens, and another (Vida) even gave him a kiss.

legendary (ˈlɛʤənˌdɛri) – legendär
history (ˈhɪstəri) – die Geschichte
victory (ˈvɪktəri) – Sieg
festivities (fɛˈstɪvətiz) – die Festivitäten
trapped (træpt) – gefangen
pile (paɪl) – der Stapel, der Haufen
professional (prəˈfɛʃənəl) – der Profi
snapped (snæpt) – knipsen
fellow (ˈfɛloʊ) – der Gefährte
news agency (nuz ˈeɪʤənsi) – die Nachrichtenagentur
lens (lɛnz) – die Linse
realized (ˈriəˌlaɪzd) – bemerken