Week in Review – US Navy plane, Rohingya + Update Mugabe

US Navy plane crashed

On Wednesday a US Navy plane of the 7th fleet with eleven people on board crashed into the sea off Japan. So far eight of the passengers have been found alive. A search-and-rescue party is looking for the remaining three people. The plane was on its way to the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier when it crashed about 500 nautical miles southeast of Okinawa Island.

Eight of the passengers were rescued only 45 minutes after the crash and were sent to a hospital for medical evaluation. The families of the missing people have been informed but their names will be withheld for 72 hours. The plane took part in a US-Japan naval exercise and was on a routine flight carrying passengers and cargo. The incident will be further investigated.

Aircrafts and ships from both, the US and Japan Navy started looking immediately for the missing people. The Navy´s 7th fleet is under increasing scrutiny after two deadly collisions in Asian waters earlier this year. In the process, eight top Navy officials were removed from their posts and all vehicles were checked regarding their suitability.

to crash (kræʃ) – abstürzen, verunglücken

remaining (rɪˈmnɪŋ) – übrig, restliche, verbleibende

aircraft carrier (eəʳkrɑ:ft ˈkæriəʳ) – der Flugzeugträger

evaluation (ɪˌvæljʃən) – die Beurteilung, Untersuchung

to withhold (wɪθˈhəʊld) – etw zurückhalten, vorenthalten

naval exercise (ˈnvəl ˈeksəsz) – Seemanöver, Marineübung

further (ˈfɜ:ðəʳ) – weiter

immediately (ɪˈmi:diətli) – sofort, gleich, umgehend

to increase (ɪnˈkri:s) – ansteigen, zunehmen

scrutiny (ˈskru:tɪni) – die genaue Überwachung, Überrpüfung

suitability (ˌsu:təˈbɪləti) – die Tauglichkeit, Eignung

Rohingya refugees are returning to Myanmar

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims fled a recent army crackdown in Myanmar. Most of them made it to Bengladesh and are living in camps at the moment. Earlier this week, on Thursday, Bengladesh signed a deal with Myanmar to return refugees back to their country. Both sides are working on the details but said they could begin to return in two months. Few other details of the deal have been released so far. The conditions of return are still unclear and still Rohingyas continue to arrive in Bengladesh on an almost daily basis.

More than 600.000 people have fled Myanmar since the crisis in August earlier this year. The UN and many leaders called it an ethnic cleansing. However, the army in Myanmar exonerated itself from any blame and even denied to have killed anyone or to have burned down villages. Aid agencies raised their concern about the Rohingya´s safety in Myanmar and many of the refugees are terrified of being sent back. Bengladesh on the other hand made clear that the camps are only temporarily.

recent (ˈri:sənt) – kürzlich, neulich
crackdown (kræk dn) – scharfes Vorgehen
to sign (sn) – etw unterschreiben
to return (rɪˈtɜ:n) – zurückkehren, wiederkommen
few (fju:) – einige, wenige
to continue (kənˈtɪnju) – weiterführen, fortsetzen
to arrive (əˈrv) – ankommen
almost (ˈɔ:lməʊst) – beinah, fast
since (sɪn(t)s) – seit, seitdem
ethnic cleansing (ˈeθnɪk
to exonerate (ˈklenzɪŋ) – die ehtnische Säuberung
blame (blm) – die Schuld
aid agency (eɪd ˈʤən(t)si) – die Hilfsorganisation
to raise concern (rz kənˈsɜ:n) – Sorgen äußern
safety (ˈsfti) – die Sicherheit
terrified (ˈterəfd) – verängstigt, große Angst haben
temporarily (ˈtempərəri li) – vorübergehend, übergangsweise