Week in Review – Prison Guard Strike, Neil Diamond and the Ring of Fire

Nationwide Prison Guard Strike in France

After a series of attacks on prison guards by inmates unions called for a nationwide strike in the country. It has led to a total blockade of prisons on Monday earlier this week. Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet met with the union leaders this week to discuss about safety issues and wage rises. The government made proposals to end the strike last week but they were rejected by the union leaders.

Prison guards all over the country took part in the protests on Monday. They blocked the streets outside of prisons with tires and pallets. The violence against prison guards is spiralling out of control and they won´t take it anymore. The jails are overcrowded and attacks are a daily thing now. According to the records there are around 4,000 attacks per year.

Currently 28,000 prison guards work in 188 establishments holding about 78,000 inmates. The unions demand the rapid hiring of 2,400 more prison guards. Furthermore, they want the guards to be armed with taser guns instead of just whistles.

prison guard (ˈprɪzən gɑ:d) – der Gefängniswärter
inmate (ˈɪnmeɪt) – der/die Insasse/ in
early (ˈɜ:li) – früh, zeitig
safety issue (ˈseɪfti ˈɪʃu:) – das Sicherheitsproblem, eine Frage der Sicherheit
wage (weɪʤ) – der Lohn
proposal (prəˈpəʊzəl) – hier: der Vorschlag
to reject (rɪˈʤekt) – etw ablehnen
leader (ˈli:dəʳ) – der/die Leiter/in
tire (ˈtaɪəʳ) – der Reifen
pallet (ˈpælɪt) – die Holzpalette
violence (ˈvaɪələn(t)s) – die Gewalt
to spiral (ˈspaɪərəl) – außer Kontrolle geraten
daily (ˈdeɪli) – täglich, tageweise
currently (ˈkʌrəntli) – zurzeit, momentan, gegenwärtig
establishment (ɪˈstæblɪʃmənt) – die Einrichtung, das Institut
rapid (ˈræpɪd) – schnell, rasch
to hire (haɪəʳ) – hier: jdn einstellen, anheuern
to arm (ɑ:m) – jdn bewaffnen, ausrüsten
instead (ɪnˈsted) – anstatt, stattdessen
whistle (ˈ(h)wɪsl̩) – die Pfeife, die Trillerpfeife

Neil Diamond Cancels Tour

Singer, song-writer, actor and musician Neil Diamond cancelled the rest of his tour after a recent diagnosis of Parkinson´s disease. He turned 77 on Wednesday earlier this week. He cancelled the tour dates for March for Australia and New Zealand midway through his 50th anniversary tour. It has become too difficult to travel and perform on a large scale basis. Friends and fans sent their support via Social Media.

Neil Diamond sold over 130 million albums worldwide and is set to receive a lifetime achievement award at Sunday´s Grammy Awards. He is considered one of the best-selling artists of all time with 38 songs in the Top 10 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts. He was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1984 and into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011. Diamond said he would like to continue writing and recording.

actor (ˈæktəʳ) – der Schauspieler
to cancel (ˈkæn(t)səl) – etw absagen, streichen
recent (ˈri:sənt) – kürzlich. Jüngst, letztens
disease (dɪˈzi:z) – die Krankheit
midway (ˌmɪdˈweɪ) – auf halbem Weg, mitten
anniversary (ænɪˈvɜ:səri) – das Jubiläum, der Jahrestag
difficult (ˈdɪfɪkəlt) – schwierig, schwer
large scale basis (lɑ:ʤ skeɪl ˈbeɪsɪs) – in großem Maßstab
support (səˈpɔ:t) – die Unterstützung
to receive (rɪˈsi:v) – etw erhalten
achievement (əˈtʃi:vmənt) – die Leistung
to consider (kənˈsɪdəʳ) – etw überlegen, gelten als
to induct (ɪnˈdʌkt) – jdn einführen, einweihen

The Ring of Fire

Fears grow after an 8.2 magnitude earthquake has triggered tsunami warnings off the coast of Alaska, Canada and Hawaii. On top of that, people are afraid that America´s most deadly volcano Mound St Helene will erupt again. The earthquake hit Alaska in the night from Monday to Tuesday and the tsunami warning was issued just after midnight. People evacuated into the designated centres in schools or churches.

Indonesia was hit by an earthquake as well that left several people injured and at least 130 buildings damaged. More than 56,000 people had to evacuate in the Philippines after a volcano spewed lava and ashes.  In central Japan at least 11 people were injured by an avalanche that was probably also caused by a volcanic eruption. All these catastrophes occurred within days of each other. Scientists believe that volcano eruptions and earthquakes are linked.

The threat of multiple volcanic eruptions in the Pacific Ring of Fire is very high at the moment. The Ring of Fire is an extremely volatile chain of active volcanoes, tectonic plates and earthquake zones around the Pacific. It spreads from the southern tip of South America all the way to New Zealand. Roughly 90% of all volcanic eruptions occur along the Ring of Fire.

fear (fɪəʳ) – die Angst, die Furcht
to erupt (ɪˈrʌpt) –ausbrechen, explodieren
to issue (ˈɪʃu:) – etw ausstellen, erlassen
designated (desɪgneɪtɪd) – ausgewiesen, angegeben
to injure (ˈɪnʤəʳ) – jdn/sich verletzen
to spew (spju:) – ausspeien, ausstoßen
avalanche (ˈævəlɑ:n(t)ʃ) – die Lawine
probably (ˈprɒbəbli) – wahrscheinlich
to cause (kɔ:z) – etw verursachen, auslösen, hervorrufen
to occur (əˈkɜ:ʳ) – geschehen, sich ereignen
linked (lɪŋkt) – gekoppelt, verbunden
threat (θret) – die Drohung
volatile (ˈvɒlətl) – unbeständig, instabil
chain (tʃn) – die Kette, Reihe
roughly (ˈrʌfli) – grob, roh, ungefähr

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