Week in Review – USS Lexington, Russian Spy and International Women´s Day

The USS Lexington found

The USS Lexington, an American aircraft carrier that sunk in the Coral Sea in World War Two has been found off Australia’s east coast.

The ship was lost at sea in May of 1942 during the Coral Sea battle, and was recovered earlier this week along with 11 of its 35 aircrafts at a depth of 3km by Vulcan’s search team which was led by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

The Lexington was lost by US forces after being hit by multiple Japanese torpedoes and bombs during the battle. 216 of the ship’s crew members died after attack and more than 2,000 others were rescued.

The US Navy has declared that the ship will not be retrieved because it is considered to be a war grave.

aircraft carrier (ˈɛrˌkræft ˈkæriər) – der Flugzeugträger
sunk (sʌŋk) – vertieft
recovered (rəˈkʌvərd) – wiedergewonnen
multiple (ˈmʌltəpəl) – vielwertig
torpedoes (tɔrˈpidoʊz) – die Torpedos
declared (dɪˈklɛrd) – bescheinigt
retrieved (riˈtrivd) – wieder aufgefunden
war grave (wɔr greɪv) – das Kriegsgrab

Ex-spy’s Suspected Poisoning

Ex-spy Sergei Skripal was found unconscious outside a shopping centre along with his daughter Yulia in the southwestern English city of Salisbury on Sunday. Police are suspecting it to be exposure to an unknown substance, both victims are now in critical condition and are being treated at a local hospital.

Sergei was a former colonel in the Russian military intelligence who spied and worked as a double agent for Britain and moved there in a spy swap in 2010. Many theories have risen around this incident, calling it an attempted assassination by the Russian government.

The British government has warned to respond robustly if the Russian government indeed had a role to play in this incident. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has also suggested to pull England out of the 2018 Football World Cup that is going to be set in Russia, if the allegations turned out to be true.

This incident has not been taken lightly, and has been discussed with the British National Security Council in the presence of Prime Minister Theresa May, Johnson and senior ministers.

spy (spaɪ) – der Spion
unconscious (ˌʌnˈkɑnʃəs) – bewusstlos
exposure (ɪkˈspoʊʒər) – die Exposition / die Belastung
substance (ˈsʌbstəns) – die Substanz / das Stoff
victims (ˈvɪktəmz) – die Opfer
critical condition (ˈkrɪtɪkəl kənˈdɪʃən) – der kritischer Zustand
colonel (ˈkɜrnəl) – der Oberst
swap (swɑp) – der Tausch
incident (ˈɪnsədənt) – der Vorfall
assassination (əˌsæsəˈneɪʃən) – die Ermordung
robustly (ˌroʊˈbʌstli) – kräftig
allegations (ˌæləˈgeɪʃənz) – die Behauptungen
lightly (ˈlaɪtli) – leichtfertig
presence (ˈprɛzəns) – die Anwesenheit
ministers (ˈmɪnəstərz) – die Minister

International Women’s Day in a Nutshell

A day recognized by all to celebrate female power and achievements, International Women’s day marks a day of empowerment for all women around the world, hundreds of thousands of women from all around the world have gathered to support and love each other on this day.

The world has witnessed numerous events and actions that were taken to celebrate this day, hundreds of men and women marched in Paris, Madrid, Kosovo and New Delhi for equal rights, domestic violence and sexual harassment. Many powerful women and influencers took to social media to express their thoughts and celebrate this day. Women from all over Spain have demonstrated a one-day strike from their jobs and daily life to protest and honour this day.

Brands have been seen participating in this day as a way to display their commitment to gender equality, McDonald’s have flipped their logo all over the world to make a W to celebrate this day, Starbucks is teaming up with the Malala fund, and even the Barbie brand is releasing ‘Role Model Dolls’ to honour this day. The Gatwick Express train in London has displayed inspiring quotes by women on their boards in celebration of this day.
The International Women’s day has brought people together from all over the world to share similar experiences and display solidarity with an ongoing life issue in hopes to make a difference.

nutshell ˈnʌtˌʃɛl – in Kürze / kurz zusammengefasst
recognized ˈrɛkəgˌnaɪzd – anerkannt
celebrate ˈsɛləˌbreɪt – zelebrieren, feiern
achievement (əˈtʃi:vmənt) – die Leistung, das Erbrachte
empowerment ɪmˈpaʊərmənt – die Ermächtigung
gathered ˈgæðərd – sich versammeln
witnessed ˈwɪtnəst – etw. erleben
numerous ˈnumərəs – zahlreich
marched mɑrʧt – marschieren
domestic violence dəˈmɛstɪk ˈvaɪələns – die häusliche Gewalt
sexual harassment ˈsɛkʃuəl həˈræsmənt – die sexuelle Belästigung
influencers ˈɪnfluənsərz – die Einflussperson / der Beeinflusser
strike straɪk – das Streik
to honour (ˈɒnəʳ) – etw ehren
participating pɑrˈtɪsəˌpeɪtɪŋ – sich beteiligen
commitment kəˈmɪtmənt – die Einsatzbereitschaft
gender equality ˈʤɛndər ɪˈkwɑləti – die Gleichstellung der Geschlechter
brand brænd – die Marke
role model roʊl ˈmɑdəl – das Vorbild
inspiring ɪnˈspaɪrɪŋ – inspirierend
quotes kwoʊts – die Zitate
solidarity ˌsɑləˈdɛrəti – die Solidarität