The lifestyle course of Leipzig English offers you an unprecedented opportunity: You not only receive training for business English, but also get an overview of English for holidays and travel as well as English for everyday life.

Thus, this course is a combination of the three most important areas

in which English is needed and in order to build up the desired competences, you do not have to take several, but only this one English course.The contents of this course can be applied to many everyday and professional situations and thus help you to communicate effectively in English. This is primarily English for work, social events and travel.

Small talk English module Lifesyle course Leipzig


At events or at a restaurant with guests, it is also worthwhile to know how to cultivate a bit of small-talk in English. The lifestyle English course prepares you for these situations as well.

Important points include:
-Small talk in the restaurant
-Small talk in a bar
– Free-time meetings with business partners / work colleagues
-Dos & Don’ts of Small talk


Whether traveling on business or for pleasure, English can be useful to you on every corner. To help you to communicate with others, Leipzig Englisch deals with the following points:

-Book accomodation
-Book flights
-Arrival and departure at airport and ports
-Place an order
-Ask for directions or for certain information

Travel module Lifestyle English Leipzig
Business English module Lifestyle English at Leipzig Englisch

In a professional context, English communication skills are needed, especially in conferences or on the phone.
We also discuss Business presentations and how to write English emails and letters correctly. In addition, we can prepare CVs as well as practice typical questions in a Job Interview
Among the indispensable interaction skills in this English course it will also help expressing one’s opinion and making suggestions or offers.

Our English courses can be booked in a variety of forms such as a private 1-to-1 course, in a group, as a couple or in a crash course.
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