We offer Business Englisch One-to-One lessons in which you determine what and when you learn.

One-to-one courses are especially useful if the participant has a very specific goal in mind or if they want to focus on a very specific problem.

We offer private Business English lessons in many sectors and industries,

including finance and human resources, medicine, automotive, law, sales and purchasing, beauty care, hotel and catering services, and real estate and engineering. Click here to read more about our industry-specific Business English courses

Sector Specific-Business-English Private course Leipzig
Business-English-Private-Training at Leipzig Englisch

The one-to-one training for Business English at Leipzig English is aimed at

especially for business and working people who are motivated to effectively improve their English skills and give them the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the English language. Your trainer, an experienced and qualified native speaker, will primarily practice speaking and listening while improving all of your necessary business communication skills.

Although Leipzig English has a current and comprehensive library

You are more than welcome to bring your own work materials to enable us to adapt the training more effectively to your requirements. We also like to organize on-site English training so that you can learn important vocabulary and grammar as it happens.

The learning content could include, for example, basic skills, such as pronunciation or speech training, but also job-specific topics or vocabulary and technical terms that you need on a daily basis for your job. But it can also be more specialized training such as preparing for an important meeting, presentation or trade fair.

Private-Business-English-course in Leipzig
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